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20 Screen-Free Ways to Keep Kids Entertained in the Car

Let’s be real, I use screens in the car, I let my daughter bring screens in the car. We bring screens and we all are spending some time looking at our phones or tablets. But, when there is so much time on the road, we need time away from tech. For those moments when you want a screen-free car time, check out these ideas.

These are ideas to add to your collection to help keep kids entertained in the car. They include things you can buy, things you can print, and games that don’t require anything but conversation and imagination.

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Things to buy

Spot It On the Road
A fun pattern recognition game for a road trip, in which players try to find the item shown on the card.

Crayola Dry-Erase Travel Pack
Kids can create, erase and create again while on the go with the Dry-Erase Travel Pack, both sides have usable surface area to draw and write on, storage for Washable Dry-Erase PipSqueak Markers makes it easy to take on the go.

My Brick Case: Portable Storage For Kids Building Bricks
Contains securely studded base plates on both sides of inner box so you can bring your child’s favorite toy anywhere. Brick travel case holds hundreds of building bricks in its 10 X 7 X 4 inch space. Legos will be held in place, allowing your child to build and stack wherever they go. Compatible with all major building block brands such as Lego bricks. This portable travel brick case includes 50 bricks.

The Amazing 50 State Maze Book
Take a road-trip through the U.S.A! This a-maze-ingly detailed maze book will delight puzzle fans of all ages as they travel through each twisting turn. With one-of-a-kind mazes depicting all 50 states, this is a perfect gift for any puzzle nut. Maddeningly addictive, whether in the shapes of New York, South Dakota, or California, these intricate mazes will have you hooked in no time!

“Mom, I’m Bored” Children’s Activity Book
The Mom, I’m Bored Activity Book will keep your child entertained and their mind stimulated with its games, puzzles, do-it-yourself designs and other activities. This quiet book is made of durable, glossy cardstock and a strong spiral binding. It’s filled with dry-erase pages so your child can reuse this activity book over and over. The Mom, I’m Bored Activity Book comes full of 22 different activities. A dry-erase pen is also included and it fits perfectly in the spiral binding at the top.

Melissa & Doug On the Go Scratch Art Hidden-Picture Pad – Favorite Things
Spiral-bound pad includes 12 hidden-picture Scratch Art pages featuring Favorite Things. Read the clues, then scratch away the coating to reveal answers. Wooden stylus stores in a tray in the cover

Brain Games® Mini Dot-to-Dot
This spiral-bound book contains 168 dot-to-dot puzzles. Hundreds of numbered dots in every puzzle. Connect them to discover animals, landscapes, buildings, and people. When you’ve completed the puzzle, color it in to create a masterpiece.

TableTopics TO GO Road Trip
40 conversation starter question cards in a portable, great conversations when you have no brain left to think.

Mad Libs on the Road
Pack your bags and get ready to hit the road with this latest installment of family fun! You can help create car songs, spot some historical sights, even stop at a roadside diner–with a Mad Libs’ twist, of course! Many have tried to imitate the world’s most popular word game, but they just can’t ___VERB___ the mustard! With Mad Libs on the Road, traveling has never been so wacky!

screen-free car road trip
screen-free car road trip

These printables are colorful, fun, and easy for the kids to do by themselves.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Use this Road Trip Scavenger Hunt by Kristen Duke Photography to find things along the way.

Road Trip Bingo

We found this great Road Trip BINGO game from Moritz Fine Designs. It’s easy to print and play on the road.

Road trip Journal Page

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Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Road Trip Bingo

Road Trip Journal Page

Sometimes there isn’t time or room for activities.

Here are some games that only take conversation and imagination.

Would you rather…
Take turns asking each other Would you rather questions. Would you rather play a game in the car or take a nap so Mommy can read?

Choose a topic and name one things for each letter of the alphabet. Or, just look out the window and try to find things (or letters) in alphabetical order.

20 questions
Start with a person, place, or thing and have the kids ask Yes or No questions until they guess.

Guess what’s in my purse
Go through it and count (about) how many things are inside and see if the kids can guess everything. Feeling brave, hand your purse over to your kids and challenge yourself and see if you can even guess what’s inside.

Rock paper scissors and I spy
Classics. Easy. I spy happy children enjoying their road trip.

What’s missing?
Place out a couple of objects. Have the kids close their eyes, take something away, open eyes and guess what’s missing. This game works well at restaurants while on the road.

How many can you name?
Choose a topic and challenge each other to see who can name the most in a category.  For example, Vegetables-I can name…um….6. TV Shows Mom gets to watch all by herself- Um zero.

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What are your favorite games to play in the car?


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