Summer creates all kinds of different schedules, so to keep on top of chores have the kids help out.


Here are lists of age-appropriate chores

Age Appropriate Chores by Latitudes

Age Appropriate Chores by Reward Chart 4 Kids


Here are different kinds of chore charts:

Magnet Chore Chart by Woo Home

Cookie Sheets Chore Charts by Craftaholics Anonymous

Found on Pinterest this money chart looks great for instant rewards

The Jar of Job Opportunities Money Jar by Creating Mary’s Home


This Legit Moms chore chart can be used all summer at any time. For our daughter we fill it in as the summer goes, different chore earn different points and then can be tallied up for cash.

Kids need to keep reading over the summer to practice the skills they have learned in the school year.

Here is a reading log game that will make it fun to keep up with reading. Feel free to add prizes to keep interest high!

Writing activities are sometimes boring. Use these FABULOUS writing prompts to keep kids motivated all summer long

Download all three tools: chore chart, writing prompts, and reading log to keep kids on track for summer.

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What ways do you help keep your kids on track of the summer?


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