32 Fun Things for Long Summer Days

Every summer I look through our city’s website and neighboring cities for events at the library, parks, and outdoor movies.

I pick the best ones and add them to the calendar on our fridge and in my phone.

Maybe we never go, but if we need an idea then we have it.

Here are 32 ideas for some fun around your town this summer.

1. Go swimming

It might be the easiest way to cool off for the summer. Go to your local pool, a friend’s pool, or the rec center. If none of those are available or easy, I highly recommend a plastic baby pool. Even for big kids, they love to splash and play in the water.

2. Visit city festivals and fairs

Our city holds our county fair and with its carnival and booths it’s enough to keep us busy for a couple days and nights. Look at your town or city’s website for local festivals and fairs.

3. Take a one-day road trip

Find a place that is only a few hours away and make a one-day vacation out of it. Eat at their local restaurant, shop on their main street, or visit the tourist attraction.

4. Visit the farmer’s market

Plan for a morning of shopping from the farmers. Buy ingredients that are fresh and local. Take the rest of the day to prepare a picnic and enjoy what your local farms offer. **Bonus, play a farmer’s market Chopped game. Buy 4 “mystery” ingredients and cook a delicious appetizer, entree, or dessert.

5. Go to a garage sale

Gather some dollars and get on your bikes on a Saturday or Sunday and go on a hunt for some fabulous new finds. It’s a cheap way to buy a new toy and a fun way to spend some bike riding time around your neighborhood.

6. Go hiking or go for a walk

We are lucky to live where the beautiful Colorado mountains are only an hour away. No matter what landscape you live in, take some time to talk a walk. Take advantage of the warm and long summer evenings with a walk.

7. Bike ride

Take a day to ride bikes. Load them on the car and go to a bike park or just ride around town. Choose a place you’d normally drive to and try and bike instead.

8. Attend a free concert

Check out any and all free concerts in the summer. In the cities surrounding ours, there is a free concert nearly every night of the week. Enjoy some dancing and people watching while enjoying the free tunes in the summer. This is one of the fun summer activities for everyone.

9. Read at the library

Escape the heat in the cool of the library. It’s a nice break from outside and a quiet place to wind down.

10. Go geo-caching

Take a look online to see what treasures you can find. Google geocaching and your city’s name.

11. Volunteer

Find an organization that needs some help over the summer and pitch in. Look for opportunities online and in your own city.

Fun summer activities
fun summer activities

12. Go bowling

Take a break from the outside and play indoors. Put the gutter bumpers up so everyone can score.

13. Play tennis

Find a court at a local park and hit some balls around.

14. Visit a planetarium or just go star gazing

There are many meteor showers throughout the summer. Drive away from the city one night to get a deep dark sky for star gazing.

15. Go to a parade

There’s bound to be a parade this summer. Take the family and cheer on the band and enjoy the festivities.

16. Visit a water park or splash park

Check out your city’s fun water spots, anything from a water park with slides to a splash pad at the playground helps to beat the heat.

17. Pick a favorite baked good to make

Find a recipe and go shopping for the ingredients. Make the treat together and enjoy! Not such a great baker? Find a trail mix recipe that can be assembled without baking. Make single serving portions to last the whole week.

18. Have a picnic

No need to make an extravagant picnic for the summer. Buy some pre-made sandwiches and fruit for an easy picnic at the park.

19. Play water games

It’s easy to turn the sprinklers on, but try some of these water games to make backyard water play more fun.

19 Backyard Water Games That Will Keep You Cool All Summer by Buzzfeed

20. Go to a beach, river, lake

If you’re lucky enough to live by water, take advantage. Spend the day watching the water and playing in the sand (or rocks).

21. Night swimming

Our local pool is open late on summer nights. Have fun swimming in the lights of the pool.

22. Try a new sport

Find a sport you’ve never try and give it a go. Learn with your kids and enjoy yourself.

23. Outdoor movies

Our city and all the cities surrounding ours hold outdoor movies in the park. Check their schedules and add it to your calendar. If it works out right, take a picnic and enjoy the movies with your friends and neighbors.

24. Attend a free local event

Find something new to do. Find a fair or festival or contest. Something you’ve never done before and check it out.

25. Try mini golf

Anyone can mini-golf. It’s fun for everybody and you can even be silly while you play.

26. Climb trees

Find some big beautiful trees in a park and let your kids climb as high as possible.

27. Drive-in movie

If there’s still a drive-in movie in the area take the family. Load up dinner and snacks in the car and watch the movie from your car.

28. Amusement park or carnival

We take time every summer to go on rides. As my daughter get older she loves this even more.

29. Ride the bus or subway

Take a ride around town or go to a new part of town. Explore your city using public transportation.

30. Play at the park

When the playground has become boring try these games to play at the park. 30 Games & Activities to Play at the Park by Edventures with Kids

31. Watch a movie

Sometimes it is good just to chill. Pick a movie you loved as a kid and share it with your family.

32. Go for a walk

Just get out of the house for a little while. Take time to look at something close up. Spend time outdoors while the weather is beautiful.

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