In this roundup post we share some schedules for the summer, including our own.

Jessica is a teacher and stays home in the summer, Tawnya is an HR Specialist and works full time in the summer.

Use the best ideas and try what works for you.

The good thing about motherhood is we are always working on it and always keeps going, so if you try a schedule and it doesn’t work then keep fine tuning it until it works.

1. Summer Schedule by Inspiration for Moms

This schedule gives a theme for each day. It gives you some variety within a structure… Move It Mondays, Thinking Tuesdays, Wet Wednesdays, Trip Thursdays, and Favorite Fun Fridays.

2. Summer Schedule by The Chirping Moms

This stay-at-home schedule works for summer as well as weekend days. There is enough time for work and play everyday.

3. Summer Schedule by My Frugal Adventures

This mama creates fun activities each day and plans out the rest of the day for the kids. The fun activities are organized by activity and written out on popsicle sticks.

4. Summer Schedule by Ginger Baby Mama

This schedule gets work and chores out of the way so the rest of the day is fun.

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