There is something about wanting to make summer last. Something that feels free about summer and we want to hang on to that.

Also, there is the challenge of moms to keep kids entertained. Summer can be overwhelming for moms. The days are longer and the kids are bored. They don’t have their typical school structure and seem to need constant entertainment.

As a mom, I always seem to start off planning and entertaining and enjoying every bit of the freedom of summer, but after a few weeks I fizzle out. I start with such high hopes and good intentions but can’t seem to go the distance.


Legit Moms goes the entire distance for you.

We have curated everything you need to keep your kids active and entertained all summer long. The Legit Moms All-Inclusive Summer 2018 Guide has everything to keep up momentum for all the FUN things, all the EXTRA things, and all the EVERYDAY things that happen during the long weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

We worked together to come up with all the things you might need to help you run your summer a little smoother.

We figured it out for you, so you don’t have to.

We collected our best and EASIEST things to do, to make, to pack, to plan an easy summer.

We found ways that will help take care of moms since moms take care of everybody else.

Introducing…Legit Moms All-Inclusive 2018 Summer Guide

The guide that will help you get ready for all things summer, help you all along the way, and end your summer feeling accomplished and organized.

When you buy the All-Inclusive Summer Guide you get:

A Calendar and Everyday Fun-Easy Summer Activities • Summer Schedules • Summer Crafts • Chore Chart • Reading Log • Summer Writing Prompts • Summer Scrapbook and Journaling Pages for the Kids • Self Care for Moms • Summer Snacks Kids Can Get By Themselves • Ready to Go Items • Quick Clean Chores • Road Trip Packing List and Games • Vacation Packing list • Fourth of July 10 Crafts to Keep Kids Busy and Snacks • Camping Packing Lists and Fun • Around Town Fun and End of Summer Checklist

Okay, I’m ready. Set me up for only $15

Still not sure? We get it. You’re a mom and you want to do the easiest and best. So, take this instead. Sign up for a free sample It includes: Everyday Fun-Easy Summer Activities • Summer Scrapbook and Bucket Journaling Page • Self Care for Moms • Ready to Go Items • Road Trip Games • Vacation Packing list • Fourth of July Crafts • Camping Toys, Games, and Crafts • End of Summer Checklist If you like it, come back for more.

Remember you’re doing a great job

There is no being perfect. There is no right way to do things. Do the best you can with what you’ve got. Make sure you’re learning as you go and give yourself a break when you need it. Keep loving your kids, you keep attending to it, and that’s all anyone can ever ask of a mom. You are doing a LEGIT great job MOM. Keep it up!

What are your favorite parts of summer?

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