don't like child's teacher back to school


When you don’t like your child’s teacher

Level one

The teacher is not your cup of tea

You’re not going to like every teacher. But hey, if they’re doing the best they can and your kid is learning. Then hang in there. You don’t have to be the teacher’s best friend. Just let the teacher do there thing. There will be another fantastic teacher that you love another year.

Level two

You disagree with what the teacher is doing

If you are a certified teacher with an education degree, then feel free to speak up and say something. But otherwise, let it run it’s course. Not every teacher will do things the way you would do them. Not every teacher does things the same. If your kid is learning, hang in there and see how it goes. If it’s hurtful or harmful to your child then it’s next level and you need to do something.

don't like child's teacher back to school
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Level three

The teacher is not helping your kid

Sometimes kids get lost in the class. They may be quiet or too hard or too easy. They may need more or less or different. Teachers are thinking about all of this all of the time. They definitely want to do the best, but it  doesn’t always happen. Speak up and advocate for your child if they aren’t getting help. If the teacher WON’T help, it’s okay to insist on it. If the teacher CAN’T help, then you may have to find help for your kid elsewhere.

Level four

Your teacher is being shitty to your kid

Teachers are people and some people have shitty behaviors. If your kid’s teacher is being shitty to your kid, then say something. Tell the teacher (in a calm and respectful way if possible) and see if they can turn it around. Maybe the workload is too much, maybe they have a personal issue, maybe it was a rough day. Give them a chance to see what happened and explain. If they continue with their shitty behavior and keep taking it out on your kid, then tell the principal. Get them help.

Level five

Your teacher is abusive

Tell someone in charge, immediately. If your child’s teacher is being physically or emotionally abusive tell the principal right away. Keep talking and telling until action is taken. It’s never okay to be abusive to a child. Period.

It’s never an easy school year when your child has a teacher that isn’t great for you or in general. Do your best to help your child cope with the circumstances and be their advocate. Hang in there mama. Next year will be another year.

How have you successfully taken care of your child during a difficult school year?

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