This is a tricky one. Moms are on call 24/7 and busy all the time. There really is no time when we are not needed or wanted or have things to get done. Our days are packed.

But if we don’t take at least a little time for ourselves we will break. Know your limits and before you get too overwhelmed, find some moments alone. Here are the best ways we’ve found to get yourself a little time.

1-Take them

Just take them. Don’t wait for them or hope someone will give them to you. Just decide when you need time and take it (preferably out of the house where you are out of sight.) Tell your partner you are going. You need the time, you deserve it, take it.

2-Find a place to hide

This sounds a little ridiculous, but sometimes you just need a moment. Hide in the bathroom, closet, outside. Close enough where you can hear if someone REALLY needs help, but in your own space to gather your own thoughts if just for a few moments.

Tawnya’s favorite hiding place-the closet

Jessica’s favorite hiding place-sitting on the bathroom floor with her back against the closed door

3-Wake up early

If everyone is still asleep, wake up without them. Get in some moments in a quiet house before the first MOM cry is heard

A mom holding a cup of coffee hoping to alone for a moment
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When I’m loading the dishwasher or pushing a broom, USUALLY I’m left alone. If someone wants to interrupt, I ask if they want to help. USUALLY they say no and I’m back to my own time sweeping the floor or wiping the counters or organizing the fridge.

5-Have your partner take them somewhere

Be home alone. Have the space all to yourself. Let your partner take the kids to the park or on a walk or to the mall or a play place or lunch or ANYWHERE SO YOU CAN JUST BE. And when they’re gone, DON’T DO CHORES. Surf the web, read Twitter, pin some pins, watch a whole 30 minutes of a TV show. Relax and enjoy the peace.

6-Run an errand by yourself

You have a REALLY IMPORTANT errand to run and it will be SO BORING and it might take like AN HOUR or two.

7-Playdate exchange

Watch your friend’s child and then switch. Sometimes moms hang out and chat while kids play, take some playdates to let your mom friend have some time and make sure you do the same.

8-Sign your kid up for a class

When they are in a lesson or class, you get a few moments just to sit. Someone else is teaching your child and attending to them so take the moments to soak in a little peace.


Sometimes they just WANT YOU AROUND SO MUCH and it feels terrible to get away. So, say you have a doctor’s appointment or a meeting to get your taxes done or some other boring/private thing that nobody wants to be a part of it and just go out of the house for a while.

10-Get a real hobby or a fake one

Tawnya and I started a fake book club each month. No books, no club, just an excuse to make sure we hung out once a month. We did it and we met and from that time together we started the business of Legit Moms. So HOORAY FOR US AND OUR MOMENTS ALONE!

It is worth it for you to take time alone when you can because, just maybe, that’s when MAGIC can really happen.

How do you find moments alone? Comment below and share how you can find a place to reset, if only for a moment.

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