Last year, I started working full-time for the first time as a mom. I was lucky to stay home for eight years with my daughter. As she entered second grade, an opportunity arose to teach at her school. I pounced on it and joined the working force. Moving from stay-at-home mom to working mom was a huge transition for me. Hopefully this list will help you organize your life when you are ready for this big transition.

1. Groceries

Figure out a time to buy groceries or get them delivered! If you get the luxury of shopping by yourself on the weekend, DO IT.

2. Work Clothes

Yoga pants no more. Start finding pieces you like and if you find pants you like, buy them in every color.

3. Find a Gym that is Open Early

You’re going to have to get this done early, I get up about 4:45am. Ugh, but that’s when it works best. The best part, when you walk into the gym, you’re there for just you. No one will bother you or ask you for anything or even talk to you because it will still be dark out.

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4. Dinner

Find some easy dinners and plan ahead. Cooking after a long day of work sucks, but if you set yourself up you can get it done before you come in and hit the couch.

5. Alone time

Find yourself a few moments alone everyday. Working out early can count, but try to find at least 5 minutes to just be, no one to interact with and nothing to do.

6. Divide Chores

Get help and outsource or have the family pitch in. However you divide it up, don’t do it all, it’s too much to do by yourself.

7. Sick Days

Have a plan for when your kids get sick. They’ll get sick and probably at the most inconvenient times. If you can’t stay home with them or pick them up, make sure you have someone to help.

8. Take a Day

Working/mommying/working/mommying it never stops. So, take a day just to stop. Rest, hike, relax, take a walk or just take a break.

What other things helped you start working after babies were born?

Share your best tips in transitioning from home to work.

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