Legit Moms Summer Series Summer Crafts


We’ve planned to have a craft a week. The crafts can be set up and easily cleaned up.  Each craft material has a list of ideas and are open ended so kids can feel free to create. Open ended crafts can be set up and worked on throughout the week. No need to start a new craft everyday.

Use sheets of wax paper to keep tables clean and easily move projects off the table when used for other things start and stop, just keep working through the week. Changing crafts each week keeps interest high and will naturally bring projects to a close.

When projects are complete, use them to decorate the house for summer and take a photo of the project to include in the summer scrapbook.

Use the shopping list to buy all the craft materials in one shot.

All the materials can be stored in plastic shoe boxes and rotated through the summer.

Print the cards to label the boxes and give ideas for things to create.

Legit Moms Summer Series Summer Crafts
Legit Moms Summer Series Summer Crafts


☐ plastic shoe boxes

☐ wax paper

☐ rags to clean

☐ paper towels


Paint a canvas
Paint with things other than brushes
Paint an outdoor scene
Paint a still life (a flower or pet)

☐ acrylic paints

☐ paint palettes

☐ brushes

☐ canvases (various sizes)


Sculpt a tower or a pot
Practice different textures with tools
Sculpt an animal
Cut out shapes with cookie cutters

☐ modeling clay

☐ play doh

☐ cookie cutters

☐ tools to sculpt


Paint an outdoor scene where you live
Paint a picture of where you want to go
Paint a picture of each season
Paint on a teeny tiny paper

☐ watercolor paints

☐ paper

☐ brushes

☐ dot markers


Make a bracelet, necklace, or bookmark
String beads of the same color
Make a lizard, fish, bee, or butterfly
String beads for a wind chime

☐ beads

☐ pipe cleaners

☐ string


Build something new
Invent something for your room
Create a small town
Make a mailbox for notes for your family

☐ boxes

☐ scissors and glue

☐ all kinds of tape


Make a suncatcher
Make a bookmark
Draw pictures, cover in contact paper,
and cut them out

☐ contact paper

☐ tissue paper

☐ hole puncher

☐ string


  • 1/2 TBSP of Baking Soda
  • 1 TBSP of Contact Solution (USE BioTrue or Up & Up brands!)
  • 4 fl oz Elmer’s White school glue
  • Your choice of food coloring

Make the slime
Stretch it and twist it
Play pretend with it
Make a new batch with glitter

☐ slime (use recipe)

☐ bowls, cups, plates

☐ popsicle sticks


Sort beads by color
Sort beads into different containers
Continue to add water and see how big beads can grow
Make patterns and designs with beads

☐ water beads

☐ all kinds of containers

☐ big bowl and water

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Have your kid try a craft and take a pic.

Include your pic in the comments below.

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