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There are days when I never have a moment to myself. I just keep moving from one task to the next. Never taking time to care for myself. But that needs to change and a new school year is a perfect time to start. We trust that you are paying attention to your kids and family, getting done everything they need to start the school year. We trust that you are attending to everyone else. You deserve time and Legit Moms want you to take it.

Try out these self care for mom ideas one at a time, see if you can do one each week, all the way until winter break.

25 Self Care Ideas to Help Mom during Back to School Season

1. Buy a treat for yourself

You have to get groceries right? You are walking through the aisles getting everything for everyone, why not get yourself a treat. It doesn’t have to be a sugary or fatty treat, get a magazine or a new hair product, maybe even healthy food. Whatever it is just make sure it is just for you. Hide it when you get home, we promise we won’t tell.

2. Plan at least one thing for you

When the weekend comes around, insist on doing something for you and make it happen. Or, choose one night a week where you get to do something just for you. Pick something that you love and want and do it.

3.  Skip something, just don’t even do it

Just cancel it. Take a break from it. Don’t even do it. Use my favorite excuse, “Something came up and I can’t make it. Have fun and I’ll see you next time.”

4.  After you clean your house, relax, and enjoy it

It takes a lot to clean. Picking up and cleaning and doing it over and over. It never ends. Make sure once a cleaning task is done, you put your feet up for a little and enjoy. Relish your hard work and take a moment all for yourself.

5.  Remember a feeling of joy, bask in it

Pull the moment back to your consciousness and soak in it.
Look through photos or tell stories of when your kids were little or before you had kid (if you can even remember) and relive the joy you felt. Remember it fully and soak in the memory of it.

6.  Find three different alone spots in the house

Go hide, stay out of sight for as long as possible.

7.  Don’t pay attention to everything

My daughter talks. A lot. She constantly narrates and asks questions and reports on what is happening and what could happen. She analyzes and processes everything OUT LOUD. EVERYTHING. I am a teacher, so I hear kids talk to me all day and then my girl talks until my husband gets home from work. IT IS A LOT OF TALKING.

I hear her and I listen and I pay attention. But, sometimes I need to take breaks. I need to tune her out or tune out details of what might happen later or tune out anything just to get a brain break.

I’m with her, she’s safe, I give her plenty of listening time so sometimes, I just tune it out, keep going, and undoubtedly catch up later.

8. Do something longer than necessary

Take your time on something or finish it quick and spend the extra time doing whatever.

Did you just finish cleaning up the kitchen? No you didn’t. You need at least 15 more minutes of *daydreaming* wiping those counters or *resting* while re-rinsing those pans. Do the chores but take your time. Fold the laundry and watch TV. Watch and fold and watch and watch and watch and fold a little more. I don’t know, this laundry folding will be at least an episode long.

9. Say yes to something

I turn down things all the time because I have work tasks or mom tasks or wife tasks or house tasks to do. I keep moving from one shift to the next completing all the things. Sometimes you need to just say yes to something you want to do. Everything else will still be there when you get back OR MAYBE MAGICALLY IT WILL GET DONE. Haha just kidding, it will be there. Go do your thing anyway.

10.  Take three deep breaths

I know. I know. You know this. But it works. Sometimes you don’t have 5 minutes, but three breaths in 10 seconds works every single time. Didn’t work? Take three more breaths. Keep going until you feel calmer. Three breaths all school year long if you need it.

self care back to school moms
self care back to school moms

11.  Give yourself a break

Moms try to get so much done and it just keeps going no matter what. Give yourself a break about it.

12.  Wear headphones, listen to your music

Tune out the world and tune into something you love. Listen to a podcast or music or TV show or anything to take you away for a little bit.

13. Pin beautiful images on Pinterest

Find some places in the world, art, or images that make you feel at ease

So often our Pinterest boards are things we have to do or things we want to do, things that need to get done. Create a board just for eye candy. Something that takes you away for just a little bit.

14.  Hang out in your favorite place in the house

Time how long you get to hang out before MOM!, then challenge yourself to go again and stay longer.

My favorite place, hands down is on the couch. But, every time I sit down MOM! I NEED YOUR HELP!

So I get up and I help. Then I try to sit down again. Sometimes there are glorious moments where I can sit down. A challenge to myself is to find a new place in the house. A new place to find a little space and time for myself.

15.  Be in the moment

Tune out everything except what wonderful thing is happening right in front of you.
Watching kids walk into school and reconnect with friends
Listening to music
Waiting for a giant hug after long day of school and work
Looking out at the leaves changing
Watching your kids learn and grow

Whenever you feel a wondrous moment, STOP and ENJOY. Soak it all in. Pay full attention to feel it and live it and remember it.

16.  Browse on the internet not kid-related

Look around on the internet just for fun. Don’t look up the next meal to plan (unless that’s fun). Don’t look up how to make something with your kids (unless that’s fun). Look up something that just you want to think about, something that makes you excited or happy or content.

17. Say no to something

Too often moms agree to do things and take on more than we can handle or want to do. When someone makes a request, consider saying no. Take something off your plate for once.

18. Get rid of a negative thought 4EVA

Just trash it, push it out every time it tries to creep back in. Give yourself a break. Take the negative thought (the one that you are probably the only thinking about) and push it away. Don’t let it get to you.

19.  Text your best friend

Texting has saved my friendships as a mom. I’m so busy with my family I don’t make enough time for friends, but they are always there, just a message away. Connecting with friends even if it’s not IRL makes the days better.

20.  Enjoy outside, really see its beauty

Pull yourself away and really look at the beauty and listen to the sounds the earth makes. Even on a long day try to get outside. Even if you only make it to your front porch. Take a few minutes to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Look closer, be in awe of it, soak it in.


21.  After a tough job, take a break and revel in it

After a job is done take a little space just to revel in it. You worked. Now enjoy it. I AM SERIOUS HERE. Take a moment and enjoy what you’ve accomplish. See it and notice and be proud of yourself.

22.  Create a flashback playlist

Flashback to the less stressful pre-mom days and put favorites from all your younger years into one playlist.

23. Go hide, stay out of sight as long as possible

You can be close enough to make sure all is well. But, go find yourself a little space where you don’t have to pay attention to anyone or anything. Just rest or think or sit. Just be.

24.  Find time to read a little

Choose a book to take you away. Get lost in a story or learn something new. Use your mind and imagination to take you to another place for a little while.

25.  Buy yourself flowers

Spend time looking at the pretty bouquets at the store and pick one to bring home. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just pretty.

Remember you’re doing a great job

There is no being perfect. There is no right way to do things. Do the best you can with what you’ve got. Make sure you’re learning as you go and give yourself a break when you need it. Keep loving your kids, you keep attending to it, and that’s all anyone can ever ask of a mom. You are doing a LEGIT great job MOM. Keep it up!

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