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12 ways to help your kid’s teacher

Speaking as a teacher, here are the best ways to help your child’s teacher. Most every teacher appreciates help. Use these ways to help them the most.

Donate money

It is simple, but teachers spend their own money. Give them a gift card or ACTUAL money to help them get what they need.

Ask what supplies they want and buy it for them

It’s nice just to get them anything, but it’s even nicer to get them exactly what they want. They know what they want. Ask them and offer to get it. They’ll love it.

Make them something homemade

It’s nice to have a homemade treat. Often, teachers work late or have kids of their own and lots of after school chores to do, so they don’t always get time in the kitchen to make something homemade. A sweet homemade is always nice.

moms help teachers
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Be kind

You don’t have to give them anything tangible. You can just be kind. Give them a compliment or write them a nice note. Smile and say hello. Thank them for their hard work. A little kindness goes a long way.

Be reasonable in your expectations

They are with your child all day every day. They are doing all they can to meet your expectations. Know that they are also doing these for all the other kids in their class. What goes on with the children runs through their mind all day. Make sure you are reasonable in what you expect from them.


Being a helping hand in the classroom. Doing menial yet necessary tasks for them. Being another set of hands in the classroom. Taking home work for them so they don’t have to. Ask what they need and help where you can.

Stay out of their way in the business of taking care of the kids

Be an advocate for your child, but all other kids, not your business. Let them do their job. They know they need to take care of everyone and they will. Sometimes work isn’t always immediate and doesn’t always happen the way you think, generally teachers are on it. Give them time and space and they’ll get it all done.

Bring them treats

Just do it. When you’re out grocery shopping, grab something they like. If you stop and get coffee, get one for them too. Little things mean a lot and help them get through tough days.

Thank them

Appreciation goes a long way. It’s nice to involved in positive communication, and it’s amazing to get thanked for the job you’re doing. Most all of every day, teachers are alone in their classroom doing their thing. No one stops by to comment or share or appreciate. Whenever you can, say thank you. Say it in person, send an email, or write a note. Take notice at what they’re doing well with your child.

Listen to them

Teachers know a lot about kids. Listen to what they have to say. Learn what you can about your child and other child that age. Gain from their expertise and wide experience with children.

Believe them

Give them the benefit of the doubt and believe what they are saying. Sometimes it won’t always match up with what you think is right, but give them a chance and believe what they’re saying, maybe it will turn out right after all.

Communicate with them kindly

Whenever you interact your child’s teacher, be kind. Speak to them in a positive, helpful manner. Realize that you are both invested in wanting and doing the best for your child. Work with them in ways that are positive and keep things moving forward. Be respectful and be kind, every time.

What are ways you’ve helped your child’s teacher?

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