reduce overwhelm school


Reduce Overwhelm Before, During, and After school

If your child is feeling overwhelmed from school, try these things.

Ideas for before school

Help yourself and set everything up the night before. My daughter gets dressed, eats, and brushes her teeth. Everything else is ready to go and get us out the door.

Make your life simple. Only fix food they will eat for breakfast and make it easy.

Take time to connect with them in the morning.

reduce overwhelm school
make school easier

During school

Teach them ways that they can connect with you while you’re away.

Build a positive relationship with their teacher

Be involved in what they’re doing

Ask questions that get answers about school

Reinforce what is important to you and your family that also matches up with their abilities

Be present when you can in their classroom

If you are going to be in your child’s school, be helpful to the teacher. Volunteer, share your knowledge, offer your services.

Show up for their stuff.

Ideas for after school

Take outside breaks after school

Get outside, have time to move and be free. It is confining to sit in the four walls of a classroom with 20+ kids every day. Use time after school to get away from it. Go to a park, play on the playground, even just be outside together on the porch at home. Even if the weather is terrible, bundle up and play in the cold.

Let your child release the energy of what has happened at school

Some kids like to talk it all out. Listen to them and hear what happened. Help them process if they need to, or just hear them out. Some kids need to burn the energy off. Give them a place where they can be physical and move. Some kids need some extra one-on-one time. They have be one of many all day long. Give them your full attention, love, and closeness.

Reconnect in moments of transition

Transitions can be tricky, even if they like what they are transitioning to. The school day is filled with moving from one activity to the next, usually without their CONSENT or their input. So, even if you are taking them to their favorite activity after school, it may feel like a lot. Take a little time to reconnect with them in the car before rushing off to the next thing. Get to the next thing a little early so you can have a few moments together.

Remember that they don’t always know what’s going on. You have your list of things to do and all the stuff that needs to happen once they

Remember you’re doing a great job

There is no being perfect. There is no right way to do things. Do the best you can with what you’ve got. Make sure you’re learning as you go and give yourself a break when you need it. Keep loving your kids, you keep attending to it, and that’s all anyone can ever ask of a mom. You are doing a LEGIT great job MOM. Keep it up!

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