back to school transition


Ten ways to help your kid transition back to school

Summertime to starting school is tough. Use these ideas to make the transition back to school smoother.

Buy school supplies

Nothing helps get in the spirit more than buying some fancy new supplies. Buy some for school and  couple to add to your homework center at home.

Meet the teacher

If there is an opportunity to meet the teacher before school, do it. If your child can see who they will be with and where they will be spending their time it will help ease the transition getting back to school.

Let them know fun doesn’t stop when summer is over

There is something freeing about summer, like there is always an opportunities for fun. Let them know that there are still fun things to do all school year long. If you can, have something fun planned after school starts. Maybe a day trip somewhere or a movie night after the first week of school.

back to school transition
make school easier

Give them a break

It’s hard to go from summer mode to work mode. It’s a lot to go from the relaxing, easiness of summer to a minute-by-minute schedule of school. Give them some leeway in adjusting.

Make after school time easy

Especially at first, school is pretty strict and boring. It is a lot of going over rules and routines. It is usually structured and honestly pretty boring. Make sure the time after school is easy and fun is possible. Get the kids to a park or playground, have something fun to play with when they come home.

Feed them after school

Prevent after school meltdowns with snacks. Give them something healthy and tasty to curb any after school hangry moments. Try some of these snacks that kids can get by themselves to make it easier for you.

Start the homework routine now

If your kids have homework, start the routine of it now. Most likely the homework will be easy, so focus on the structure of routine. Talk with your child about what works best for them and let them have as much independence as you can. Sometimes kids need to finish right after school, so they can be done for the night. Sometimes kids really need a break from it all and get a second wind to finish after dinner. Whatever works for you and your child, try to set up the routine of it in these first weeks back at school.

Be Present

In the first two weeks of school, be as present as you can. They will miss you and they need you. At school they are one of many. They need love and attention. They need to know they are being seen and heard by the people that love them the most. They will have feelings of anxiety or hope, they will feel overwhelmed or excited. All the feelings will be big and they will need you there to help them and make sure they get through the first few weeks.

Ask good questions

You can ask how their day was and they might say Good. You can ask what they did and they might say Nothing. Instead try asking more specific questions so you can get to know what’s going on at school and what they’d like to share with you.


What did you do at recess?

Who did you play with?

Did you have any projects where you worked with someone else?

What are you learning in math?

What book did your teacher read to you today?

Which specials did you have?

What do you like about your teacher?

What are your learning about in social studies or science?

Did you get to use technology today?

How many kids in your class are nice?

Would you like to have a playdate with any of them sometime?

Take it one day at a time

Some days will be easier than others. Get through the hard ones together and you’ll be better for it. Take time to work into the new routine and before you know it, you’ll be used to school and ready for whatever is next.

What are the easiest ways to get back into the school routine?

Share your best tips to make the transition easy

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